Wednesday, July 15, 2009

What's Happened

O.K. I know a ton has happened since my last post but I will spare you with trying to fit everything in here and I am going to TRY and do better I promise.....Some of the best highlights my newest niece Brinley turned 4 months newest nephew Korbin started walking...My oldest nephew Taylor got to come home for a week, but is now headed to Afghanistan for about 2 years....Cody and Kaylie got married.....We are all healthy and happy and we went on vacation...Yeah!!!!

here is a run down of our vacation:

We left on 07-04-09 in the morning headed for Galveston with three teenage girls...YIKES!!! But we all had a good time. we stopped at Dave and Busters for dinner in Houston

Then we went to Galveston Beach

We drove all the way to Galveston but every hotel was booked so we backtracked from Galveston and called every hotel until we found a suite in LaPorte Texas...and it turned out to be very nice... We unloaded the luggage and went to Kemah Texas to Joe's Crab Shack and the Boardwalk

Then the next day the girls suckered JC into taking them shopping at the Galleria Mall in Houston that thing is huge...We ate at Rain forest Cafe look at the yummy dessert (the price of which sent JC into convulsions but it sure was yummy) and of course finished with a trip to the Candy Store...Teenage Girls on Sugar...YEAH!!!

Finally we got out of the car and onto the boat on Monday morning

The outfits are of course what they suckered JC into buying them at Hollister...he can always tell me no but for some reason he doesn't tell them NO...Oh well that's what makes him a great Dad and Uncle I guess

We had a great time in Progresso and Cozumel and on the cruise in general the girls didn't fight and JC actually smiled in a few pictures...We got to dress up for the Captains Dinner one of my favorite parts of cruising

Follow this link to view all of our Vacation pictures:

Then we got home early early Sunday morning just in time to catch exactly 40 winks and get up to go eat with Taylor and the family before he had to go back to his base in San Diego and leave for Afghanistan for about 2 years...

If you want to see the rest of these pictures go to

That's all for this post and I will TRY to post at least once a week..

God Bless You All!!!