Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Another School Year

Well it's been a crazy busy summer but here we are starting another school year. I can't believe that Haylie is a sophomore. I have empty nest already and she hasn't even left the house yet!! Honestly I hope she lives here the whole time she's in college. We did have a great vacation I love our time together on the cruises with no electronics and even though there is the constant if we had our phones this and if we had our phones that I think deep down the girls are thankful for the break from electronic communication, even if they do have to actually converse with each other and us. (GASP..if you can imagine)Cruel and unusual punishment for teens I know. Haylie will be showing PorkChop the hog at the wc fair this year so that should be interesting. I have to say for an hog he is quite sweet and he and her together are very entertaining to say the least he's more like a HUGE puppy than a hog! I am very proud of her for all she has done this summer the hog, her job through the week and her other job on the weekends. She is growing up to fast I'd like a rewind button but instead I'll just be grateful that she has a dedication to serving God and a good work ethic!