Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Cheerleading and Other Matters

Well Haylie did not make Cheerleader..but that's OK she was not devastated and begrudges no one. Bayli made it again and we are happy for her. Haylie has decided though that she does not want to play basketball next year. This bugs me of course, but we will not force her to do something she does not want to do. We did tell her however that she has to finish practicing the rest of this school year because we believe that she should completely finish what she starts. I told her that she didn't have to play basketball anymore next year but she would have to find something to do that she enjoys because she would not sit around and become a couch potato or more of a computer junkie. And I do have a hope that before the school year is over that she will change her mind and decide to play next year, but if not that's OK with me too, as long as she finds something that she loves to do and does it no matter what it may be.

We took a small family road trip this past weekend to the Casco Fire equipment Grand Opening...we had fun and JC won some sort of nozzle...After that we went by the Clinton Presidential Library. Haylie did not want to go at first because she thought it would be boring, but once we were inside she had a blast and took lots of pictures of things she though were interesting or just plain cool. I will put them on facebook later. That's all for now hope everyone has a great day and wondeful week.

Smile & God Bless Everyone

Thursday, April 2, 2009

The goings on around our hectic house

Well regular season Basketball is over, but off season practice and conditioning continues....Softball is in FULL swing.....and this week Haylie has been doing Cheer leading Camp with mock tryouts this afternoon and the REAL deal tomorrow at 3:15....I think am more nervous than she is I hope she makes it, but JC says it's OK with him if he doesn't have to pay the $ 800.00 (of course he always hates to part with any amount of money) But if she makes it he will happily give it up...Please keep her in your prayers that she will be OK no matter the outcome...she says if she makes Cheerleader she may or may not also do volleyball but if she doesn't then she is definitely doing volleyball...Oh the life of my busy teenage daughter who is growing into such a wonderful and beautiful young lady....No one could be a more proud parent then I am of Haylie.....I am truly blessed with such a great child.....For vacation this year she got her way of course (i don't remember a trip we've taken since she could talk that she hasn't picked) and we will be going on another cruise this year only this year she and her friend will have their own adjoining room instead of sharing one with us (i think that is relief on both ends)'s OK with me that we re going on another cruise JC has never been more relaxed on a vacation then he was on our last cruise though I'm going to have to lose the pounds I've put on over the winter months if i want to fit into ANY of my summer clothes.....This weekend is JC's off weekend at the Funeral Home so we are taking a little Family road trip to a FIRE Equipment show somewhere....Well that about sums it up for what's going on with us...I will post more after tryouts...pray...pray....pray...