Friday, March 27, 2009

Haylie's Braces

Well Haylie finally got her braces on March 5th. Of course she hates them. But we did LOVE watching JC squirm having to part with all that money... We laughed all the way up there watching him try to hold on to it as long as he could (literally I had to take the check out of my checkbook and let him hold it in his hand). Of course Haylie constantly reminded him how much he was having to spend, and he would remind her of course that her vacation would be spent not on a cruise like she wanted this year but instead it would be us sitting around staring at her sparkling little mouth...

She looked so cute with them after they were on and she didn't hurt at all until about 5:30 that night. I thought we might go eat for our anniversary after she was done..but she couldn't eat so we didn't go anywhere..we stopped by and bought her a waterpick (more money spent..hahahaha) & lots of soup and Jell-O (she had to be on a soft diet for 5-7days)....we came home and started her ibuprofen.. For the swelling they told us she would have .

Of course Friday morning her mouth was swollen shut and it was really hard not to laugh..but she was already hating them and so upset that she had to have them. I tried really hard not to laugh..tried being the operative word there. She did get to stay home from school on Friday but she was miserable until about 2:00 and then her swelling started going down...and once she got used to the rubberbands in her mouth, well from then was constant griping that she couldn't eat any real food and how much she hated them.

Now she's not having any trouble at all and not griping at all unless her rubberbands break in her mouth. But we will see how it goes on her next appointment on May 12th when she gets a bigger wire and they start pulling her jaw further forward...

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