Friday, May 1, 2009


Well the OKC Marathon (19,000 people were walking or running in it) was great and JC did an excellent job 5:18:45. I was so proud of my hubby finishing his first marathon and not really complaining at all.

Haylie, Bayli and I had a great time while we were waiting on him (check out the pics on my facebook)

Haylie had her first softball game on Tuesday night at Greenland at 8:30 but it didn't get started until almost 9:00. I have no pictures to post because it's hard to take pictures and keep the books at the same time, I'm just not that talented. That's OK though her team won and they had a great time. She is supposed to have another game tonight but I'm thinking that's not gonna happen. I opened a twitter account this week and apparently when it asks you if you want to add your friends the Not Right Now button didn't work right because it sent an invitation email to everyone in my contact list...SORRY about that if you got one:). If you have one and you want to follow mine (real original right)

I'm sending up extra prayers for my newest niece Brinley this morning please keep her in your prayers, she is on her way to Missouri and possibly having surgery on her heart because her PDA had grown a little bigger...she is however beautiful and so tough she will be fine just keep the prayers coming in... That's about all this week except trying to figure out what to do for the weekend....

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  1. Way to go JC! I am the book keeper for Madison's team too, and I didn't get any pictures from her first game either! LOL Brinley is in my prayers!