Saturday, August 27, 2016

My thoughts for the day

Haylie is a junior in college aren't you done with all that FFA stuff? 

No we aren't 

I don't understand why are you still doing it?

Here's why we believe in the future of Agriculture...We will forever support the Blue and Gold...we will park cars, chaperone kids, haul trash, deliver water, feed animals, clean stalls or whatever we can to help support these kids their projects and the FFA.... There are so many parents that want to be more involved but can't and we understand that and I say that's great and amazing so don't worry be there when you can and when you can't we will be there for your child. The other sad reality to that is there are so many parents that could be more supportive and involved but just can't be bothered to support their kids and help out with the things their FFA chapter does in the community....because of our experiences with FFA we grew and learned....because of FFA and her AG teachers and the experiences she had Haylie is in college pursing her dream to teach Agricultural education to future generations and We couldn't be more proud of her or more thankful....We also truly believe that if we had not been there supporting her and being involved to show her what was important to her was important to us that so many opportunities would have been missed because after all our children see this in what we do not what we say and if we are not interested or can't be bothered then sadly neither can they for all those kids whose parents can't be bothered to help we and others like us will be there to happily support them and say hey your doing great and this is an amazing thing to be involved in there are so many life skills taught in these classes.....after all our future depends on the Future Farmers of America!!! 

We know that Haylie Dobbs is and will always be God’s precious gift to J.c. Dobbs and I. We know that she belongs to God and that he put her in our care to be nurtured. She need to be fed and clothed, loved and cherished, taught about God and brought to baptism. It is an awesome, but wonderful responsibility. In the process of this nurturing, we bond with our children so tightly we sometimes forget that they really aren’t ours. Even though moving our baby so far away and letting her fly on her own is difficult for us we know she is safe and secure in Him and that she will accomplish great things in this world. We love you and are so very proud of you Haylie!!

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